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About The Brand

Alpha Mettle is a brand apparel designed for a generation seeking to evolve mentally and physically, to change what it means to live a stronger and healthier lifestyle, while staying motivated to transform the world around them for the present and the future. 
To be a part of the Alpha Mettle family you don’t have to be the most physically fit, a fitness model, or a superstar athlete. You only need to believe in your own abilities and be confident in all things you say and do. The one who believes in their capabilities develop the alpha mentality. An alpha mentality is encompassed with a passion to step up to any challenge and conquer it with straightforwardness and self-assurance. The ability to overcome life’s challenges and demands with resiliency and grace is the correlation of creating the full Alpha Mettle

About Our Founder

Alpha Mettle was founded by John Lewis, an Army Veteran. 

John is a father, amateur body-builder, and avid fitness buff.  His vision is a worldwide Alpha Family that motivates,

pushes through, and celebrates together.  No barriers, no adversary, no circumstance will keep John from his family and friends.

You are that family.

This is the mark of the Alpha.  This is true Alpha Mettle.

Who We Are

Alpha Mettle of Maryland, sells casual and high-tech, moisture-wicking workout clothing for men and women. Our products are functional, attractive, and bear inspirational quotes to remind you that you have control over your body and can change it. Our clothing reflects the power everyone holds over his or her own level of fitness to help you push through the hardest part of your workout. 

With more than twenty years of combined fitness experience, we believe that everyone starts at the bottom and aims for the top. Transform your body with workout clothing from Alpha Mettle.